If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) - Gayle Forman What would it be like if I stay? Life is cruel. Death is a mystery. Nobody ever knows what happens once you die. Some say you see bright light before you die and that you'll have that strong tug towards it, some say angels will guide you toward the bright light and some say - it's nothing, there's only darkness and oblivion as your only friends. But the truth is no one knows . No one really knows what will happen once the life is sucked out of you. Sometimes people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons. But they just know that things will get worse if they stay. And that's what happened here, here in this beautifully written novel. Mia is just an ordinary teenage girl who has no idea that one day her whole life would fall into pieces due to a brutal car accident. And then, the story goes on as she's viewing things from above. Her family going away with the wind, her friends and relatives praying for her to stay. She has no idea why she was in that ethereal form which explains that there are countless mysteries in life. There are many things that one cannot explain.It is difficult to write a moving novel. It is difficult to make the readers understand what the character is going through and Forman has done a wonderful job. She made me understand the pain of losing someone and what is worse than that is having them in your memories forever. That pain won't go away, it might dull to a level were you won't even realize it's there but it's always there. You won't know it but it's there waiting to take full control of your emotions.Mia says that she realized that Dying is easy and Living is hard and I agree with her. Because like I mentioned earlier, you never know what happens once you die and that's what makes it easy. You never know what will happen and you can still conjure happy afterlife memories. But living is a whole different concept. When you're living you're filled with life and you know and feel and predict things. When you're dying, all you can do is...just stay or flit away. A moving novel. A novel you'll never want to miss