Demonic Dora - Claire Chilton I'm staying true to Goodreads; this book was okay. It wasn't amazing or great or awful. It was okay and I guess it wasn't completely a waste of my time but I cannot say that it was worth my time either.Demons and summoning intrigued me a lot. But unfortunately I didn't find the book intriguing like the summary did. I'm always falling for the summary and the covers. Oh, this reminds me this book's cover is lovely. It's gothic but it's yet another deception. Dora was born in a very pious family, her father is the church priest but the word 'Pious' is no where close to describing Dora. Dora has been trying to summon demons for a long time and alas she had never succeeded in summoning one. But it so happens that one day she has all the required materials to summon a demon and that 'one' day is the day when she finally succeeds in summoning a demon. Hurray!But it was not epic. The earth didn't rumble or crack and the demon didn't rise like something big and scary. Maybe it would have happened if Dora didn't lose her patience. She always thought it would never happen and cursed and walked away. Bummer!But a hot and cute demon named Kieron with blue eyes and blonde hair; looking exactly like a human appears in her closet. Double Hurray again but unfortunately he is also an exceptional pervert. Bummer.And then her very pious parents find out. Busted!Then they come to the shocking conclusion that Dora is a mean nasty witch who summons demons!Then her parents try to burn her alive with no sympathy or love for her. That was really mean, actually. She is a witch but couldn't her parents at least offer a tear that their daughter is going to die? That part certainly seemed a little messed up to me. Okay. I was a little excited when Kieron appeared but my excitement kept shrinking the more I read about him. I wanted him to be badass and cool and stuff like that but unfortunately he's failing at being one. WHAAT? That just ruined everything!There was a little bit of humor in this book which I enjoyed. But maybe the author tried too much of humor which sometimes didn't work. It seemed rather off- putting. And I must say, this book could be the only YA book with every page having the word 'fuck' in it. It was completely annoying. Why does Dora have to keep cursing every time? And why does everyone else in the book follow her lead? The author could have been more descriptive about the characters especially Dora. I cannot form five descriptive lines about her. When I think about her all I could say was about her excessive swearing and cursing. She seemed dull and boring when she's not swearing. That doesn't make her 'swearings' okay. The author could have made her more interesting to read about leaving the constant swearing part.Also, the author could have mentioned how Dora got pulled into the idea of summoning demons and why. There was no such explanation why Dora wanted to summon a demon or why she got fascinated at the idea of summoning one. Which was another flaw in Dora's character. It made her more difficult to describe about.Conclusion: It was okay - okay.