Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1) - Stephanie Perkins I hereby declare that I love contemporary novels!(This declaration implies contemporary novels like Anna and the French Kiss.) Warning: This book is impossible not to fall in love with! So, you need to know two very important things that will definitely make you fall irrestibily in love with this book.1. Etienne St.Clair2. Paris! Those two things made me love and adore this book. I have to say that this was the cutest and sweetest book I've ever read. Etienne St. Clair! Without him this book wouldn't even exist! He's everything you could want in a boy! Now, I can't stop smiling.Etienne oddly reminded me of Augustus Waters from the The Fault In Our Stars. Maybe a healthier version of him though they are completely different I felt some similarity between them that I couldn't pinpoint. Augustus just kept popping in my mind whenever I read about Etienne and I had this few seconds of heart contraction. (If you've read the book you would know. A short Preamble (This probably should have come first but Etienne and Paris were too distracting!)Anna Oliphant lives in Atlanta but suddenly her parents ship her to an American Boarding School in Paris. She takes a lot of time adjusting and even though Paris is a lovely city to describe and brag about, Anna takes her own sweet time with it. She does make a few friends and also develops a huge crush on Etienne and then the story spirals up and down and it made me gasp and smile and gasp and smile and finally say, 'AWWWWW!'Did I mention I love this book? Oh, this book is completely adorable and a must read!