Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2) - Stephanie Perkins Before you proceed, please understand that two stars mean that this book was okay and it is not a bad book. So, I was happily into this book and the first few chapters were really good. But, there's this nagging thought in the corner of my mind. A small conversation with my mind:My mind: Hey! Stop reading and do maths! You'll fail your exams.Me: Shut up.After few minutes,My mind: This book is not worth it, Hershey. Maths is more important.Me: I can't hear you.My mind: Cricket and Lola will end up together in the end! What's the point in reading this if you already know the ending?BAM!! That's when I completely lost interest in this book. The more I read, the more evident it became that Lola and Cricket will end up together with lots of drama. And sometimes, I felt that certain parts of the story was repetitive. Girl likes boy; Boy likes girl; Girl has boyfriend but has feeling for the other boy; Boy is confused. That's how I'd describe the book. I mean, Anna and the French Kiss was completely cute. Adorable, even. But Lola and the Boy Next Door lacked so many flavors. I can't help but compare Lola and Cricket to Anna and Etienne. Anna was very nice and adorable. I enjoyed reading in her POV but Lola seemed very immature at times. She annoyed me a lot and her mixed feelings about the two boys made me want to smack her head. Just choose one and get over with it! Half the time she's wondering whether Cricket has feelings for her when she has a very cool boyfriend who plays in a band! So, I was half the time like this: Lola, please! It's up to you to make the story better! Stop thinking about Cricket and fantasize about your hot boyfriend! I did enjoy certain parts and overall this book was okay. Completely not what I was expecting but I guess I could have worked more on maths. I have exams coming up within a few days and I have no idea why I'm talking about maths in my review. If you're planning to read this book, do not go in with high expectations. This book will never be like Anna and the French Kiss. It's simple and completely different and according to me, it lacked a lot of character development. If these characters were as awesome as the ones in Anna and the French Kiss and the story had little twists here and there, this book would have been bloody brilliant!