Sisters Red  - Jackson Pearce “Knowledge does have a way of making you an outcast.” This story isn't very similar to Little Red Riding Hood though the concept is. Wolves. Or in accurate words, Werewolves. And they are completely mean and nasty and gritty and... Oh, they are just your typical mean bad wolves.If you want me to describe this book in one sentence then this is what I would have said:This book is action - packed. Each action filled event is described in so much detail that it doesn't get repetitive or boring to read. Apart from the awesome cover which I completely adore, Scarlett March is a very interesting female lead. She is passionate and dedicated to ridding the world of the Fenris. Her sister Rosie is not so passionate like her sister, though I must say she is a very good hunter. The story is narrated by these two sisters and I loved reading both of their point of views.It's a very easy and quick read. If you don't mind a little bit of gory werewolf killing then it's a good book to read; a good book for a light read.