The Iron King - Julie Kagawa It was okay! I was stuck between giving this book a single star or two or no star at all. It took me a long time to land on two stars.Well, the reason I picked this book was because of its deceptive summary and even more deceptive pretty cover. And me like a complete idiot with this weird grin on my face purchased the whole series. A box set! Trusting my stupid instincts that this book is going to be simply awesome!I was so wrong! At first I though this book is going to be all freshWith lots of faerie wars and ties and plots so twisted it would boggle my mind...I seriously had a lot of expectations for this book. Getting the box set almost confirmed that this read is going to be awesome. Did I say I was wrong? I was almost teary eyed at being so stupid. I was lost and no matter how many times I look upward at the ceiling sincerely praying it would get better nothing 'better' happened in this book. It only got worse. Julie Kagawa had portrayed a very weak character, Meghan Chase who is also the main female lead role in this insipid novel. There was clearly an obvious love triangle between Meghan, Puck and Ash. I think, too much of eye ball rolling has got my eyes permanently stuck somewhere inside so I can see my nerves and other yucky stuffs than read this book. Of course I'm kidding :DI liked Julie's way of describing events though. It was very detailed and it earned this book its very first star. However, I did not like the characters, especially the main ones Puck, Meghan and Ash who were all very annoying. Puck was annoying with his sarcastic jokes, Meghan was just dumb and Ash was a cold-hearted prince which I highly doubt who he is. However I did like Grimalkin the cat and thus this book got two stars.Grimalkin is comparably a very good lead role. Why didn't Julie put him in the love triangle and removed one of those boring faeries? It would have gained this book four stars! I did not enjoy reading this book. I had to force myself to the read the next three books with lots of cookies and milk and cakes in between to keep me going. I finally reached the zenith level where I simply could not continue reading the last part. The last book had this medium sized sticker on it which read 'the next Twilight' and that was it. I gave up! One the whole it was prosaic read.