A Shimmer of Angels (Angel Sight, #1) - Lisa M. Basso This book was good. A little cliche for my taste and it was slow paced but I enjoyed reading it.Rayna can see angels. But who would believe her? Her family thought she was crazy and they sent her to a mental hospital saying it was all for her good. She had a very traumatic life. After five years she got released.She thought she was no longer crazy when she sees another angel. The following events made it clear for her that she wasn't crazy and that her being able to see angels made them drawn to her due to curiosity. They are called the Fallen (bad ones cast out of heaven) and the good ones, I call them the flying ones. Rayna was a little boring at times. She was a weak main lead role but I liked her. At least she wasn't annoying. Being locked up in a mental hospital can do that to people. The novel was slow - paced but it wasn't that bad. I did enjoy the parts when the angels (The flying and the Fallen) showed up. Cam and Kade. Good and Bad. They were interesting to read about. Kade was of course inexplicably bad and hot and on the other hand Cam was inexplicably good and hot. On the whole, it was a good read :)