Scarred (Scarred, #1) - J.S. Cooper I must say that I liked this book for the first few chapters. Everything was cute. This book was narrated by Lexi Lord and Bryce Evans and their narrations were okay. Lexi has this huge crush on Bryce Evans since high school but was way too shy to tell that to him. Then, these events happen which either of them don't want to talk about and Bryce then moves away to War. (Sorry, I'm not explaining "these events" due to spoilers)Lexi sends him letters under a pseudonym and it makes him feel like a 'kindred spirit' during his time in military service and when he comes back to Jonesville, he desperately seeks for this girl who wrote him these letters. And that's how the story proceeds and everything was okay. Then somehow the characters get totally messed up. It just went down after a few chapters. I found it very hard to stop rolling my eyes but I can't say I didn't enjoy reading it. It was okay. And that's why I'm giving it two stars. It was okay but it intrigue me much.