I Too Had A Love Story.. - Ravinder Singh Awfully written novel which killed the story. This book was suggested to me by my dear friend who loved this book. I normally avoid tragic - romance books. But the way my friend described it made me want to give it a try. Here's what happened. Sleep was inevitable. But I somehow managed to read the book, to read the pages that lacked savor. It was a bitter boring read. It was like biting an apple that was about to rot. The story is about the author, Ravi who meets a girl in an internet dating website and falls in love with her. That's it. The rest of the story goes very slow - paced. It's all about Kushi and Ravi. There's nothing else to lean on when those two characters get boring which (believe me) they did. The story would have been better if there were many events happening simultaneously or if the author didn't concentrate only about his love life. The author wasn't very descriptive; for example he stated that "the food was tasty". He never mentioned what food he was referring to. He could have substituted the word 'tasty' to some other more descriptive word; for example scrumptious. Or at least he could have mentioned what he was eating. And that particular phrase remained with me long enough for me to write it in this review. It was a long time ago since I read this book and I'm surprised that the first phrase that came to my mind was "the food was tasty".The author's narrative skills were very poor and that is why sleep was inevitable. Maybe a better usage of vocabulary would have gained this book another star.The story was cute on the whole but the writing killed it. If you love the story and not the words that describe it then, this book would be perfect.