Robin in the Hood - Diane J. Reed ❀♣✰An enchanted and a magical read✰♣❀ Robin in the Hood was a story about dreams, love, family and magic. This book was amazingly written and I was hooked from the very beginning. It contained all the elements that would grasp and captivate a reader.The characters were scintillating and lovable. The plot was twisty with secrets, adventures and magic. I loved everything about Robin in the Hood. What is not there not love? Meet Robin "No one had ever accused me of having a heart before. How could Creek see something in me that I'd never even admitted to myself?" Robin McArthur had everything in her life. She had money that could buy her anything in the world but not the one thing she desired the most; love. And all of a sudden, her life is turned upside down when her father suffered a stroke. Money was evaporating slowly due to her dad's countless debts and Robin has no idea what to do when more debt collectors seek her for money. “Is it any wonder I became a bank robber?” said Robin. Desperate times calls desperate measures.And so began her life as a robber. Robin and her father flee from their money - ridden lives and ended up in an enchanted forest were family, love and loyalty were given utmost importance. There Robin learned many things. One of which was forgiveness. Robin is a total kickass protagonist. Robin is often very inquisitive and impulsive in nature. I found her to be very lovable. She never lost hope in desperate times and was loyal to her father no matter how many lies he'd disguised as truths.She was strong and unyielding. On the whole, she was an outstanding female lead with badass Geisha skills.Meet Creek "Creek, who'd single-handedly taught me how to value simple things. And most of all, who'd showed me that true wealth was found in people's hearts, not in their pocketbooks." Creek was strange, dangerous and beautiful. He was the one who taunted Robin to rob a bank. He was the one who taught Robin how to love and forgive. He was the one who changed her life into a magical one. Creek was also known as Turtle Shores 'Angel' because he made sure everyone was content and happy at Turtle Shores. He was a true Robin Hood; stealing money from the rich and handing it to the poor.Soon Robin joined Creek and they formed a team and robbed many more banks in order to help the people in Turtle Shores whom Robin grew to love dearly. They formed the awesome dynamic duo. And then, they fell in love. "Never betray your real feelings.Except when you truly fall in love." "We're partners of the heart, Robin. That's all." Overall, this book was remarkable. It took me on a splendid adventure and taught me many great things. It also made me believe in magic and miracles. Join Robin's fascinating journey and get carried away into an enchanted magical world where anything is possible. "Because there's a little magic - and outlaw - in all of us..." ***Copy courtesy of author Diane J. Reed in exchange for an honest review***