Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover Losing Hope was wonderful. Holder was beautiful at describing the story. At first, I thought this book might be boring since I already know the story. But Holder describes the story wonderfully. He never bores you. His emotions are so raw that it tugs at your heart strings. He's intense and moody and sometimes it's hard to understand his guilt and grief but you'll love him, for sure. Losing Hope helps us to know Holder better. He might have been enigmatic before in the first book but here, you can see his heart, his true feelings. He's a beautiful person. His life was tragic. It wasn't a normal, happy one. It was a sad one and he somehow dealt with all the crap life was offering him. He didn't give up. He kept going. Having Hope.So, it all comes down to Sky. You see, I found this part of the story a little baffling. The part where Holder meets Sky and in the blink of an eye, he knows its her. He knows that its Hope. It's been years since they have seen each other and now both of them are all grown up and there could have been so many differences between their previous appearance as kids and their current appearances as teenagers. I know he wasn't sure about it but I just didn't like that part. Well, it was sweet and all. But come on, a little bit of something else other images of her eyes from memory would have been great. That's the one part I wish were different in this book. And also, let me just say that I didn't like certain things about Holder (I'm sorry Holder lovers!). He seemed to be always blaming himself. Well, he didn't seem so guilt-ridden in the first book. Obviously, since it wasn't on his point of view. But well, it put me off sometimes. I got annoyed with him blaming himself. Believe me, he was beautiful and amazing but certain parts where he thought it was his fault seemed exhausting. I liked Sky's POV better. Overall, I lived (love+like=live) this book a lot but I don't know why I didn't feel like giving this book five stars. Like I mentioned earlier, Holder sometimes seemed off to me. Losing Hope is really good. Some parts could have been different. But what's done is done. Haha. It's a good book and you guys should definitely give it a try! “I'm gonna go live my life now, Les. A life I'm actually able to look forward to, and I'd honestly thought I'd never be able to say that. Then again, I'd honestly thought I'd always be hopeless, but I find hope every single day.” - Dean