Untraceable (Nature of Grace, #1) - S.R. Johannes Nothing is Untraceable This book was awesome! I really liked it a lot. Grace is a very strong female lead. She's searching for her father who was claimed to be missing and dead but Grace does not believe it. So, she hunts for her father on her own strongly believing he is still alive somewhere. Then she meets Mo whom she really likes. Mo is nice. He is simple, interesting and realistic. Grace is a very inquisitive person and she pokes her nose into everything and unfortunately her inquisitiveness gets her tangled up with bear hunters and poachers. There are so many shocking revelations in the book that makes everyone think Grace has lost her marbles but she strongly believes in herself and that is something I really liked about her. She completed trusted her instincts and went on with it irrespective of its repercussions. On the whole, I enjoyed reading this book but sometimes I felt myself drifting away from the concept. It was fun to read especially the survival quotes in the beginning of every chapter but I felt something was missing. Something that might have gripped me more. Some quotes that I really liked:1) Life is short. Be sure to make your mark.2) Asking yourself questions can't lead you home; the answers matter the most.3) Nature will talk to you if you listen. Every sound tells you something. Have fun reading this book. It's worth your time and I'm sure you'll love Grace. "Courage is just grace under pressure." - Ernest Hemingway