Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper The stars are waiting for you This book was lovely.Maryah, our lovely lead is trying her best to remember her past lives with her one true love; her soul mate Nathaniel.In the first book, Maryah was clueless as to who she truly was. Nathan and his family try everything they could to help her remember; remember Nathan and finally she remembered her love for Nathan; their love. The first book was narrated by Nathan and Maryah. The second book is narrated by Maryah and Harmony. I missed Nathan's point of view but Harmony's point of view was as enjoyable as Nathan's.It was beautiful. I loved how the author, Karen Hooper weaved the story. Her words were like a soft melody. The author has described the characters of this book in the best possible way. Every character seemed lively, it was almost like as if they were real. The one thing that I wished was that the book could have been a little faster. It was slow - paced but it was lovely to read, nevertheless. I loved the concept of soul mates and retaining your memories of your previous life. It was very intriguing and something completely different. On the whole: It was a very lovely read. Go see the stars, they are always there These stars represent each member of the Kindrily :)