No and Me - Delphine de Vigan, Vigan A poignant tale of longing and belonging. Have you ever befriended people who live on filthy streets? Forget that question, have you ever looked at them in the eye?Do you remember in your Social Science class, the books and the teachers always tell you that everyone is equal? Do you believe it?If yes, then why aren't you making friends with the poor? Why aren't you giving them food, clothes and a place to stay? How much can the Services set up by the Government help? There are millions of homeless people. Can we provide a home for all them? I don't think so. Very few with hearts made of gold will provide. Not everyone. Lou is a person whose heart is made out of gold. She befriends No - a homeless street girl. I don't know why or how; it just happens. Their bond is...beyond words. I cannot understand how a little girl like Lou can be so big. Bigger than the biggest of the humans.She understands the complexity of life. She wonders how life keeps going on and on. She's super clever. She conjugates theories when faced with difficult situations. She's beautiful in her own way. And there's No who is as unique as Lou. She is very different. Very quiet. She doesn't speak much but this book is all about her. I didn't like this book as much as I wanted to but it made me wonder. You know, there is so much happening, so much that doesn't include us. Often, the world revolves around us. We mess up our speech and fret over it for days but at the same time, somewhere someone is homeless, sick and dying and yet they keep quiet and accept life as it is. I don't know where my thoughts are exactly going. One day, I want a free world. A world where everyone has a home, everyone can buy whatever they want without paying, do whatever they want (of course, not murdering and stealing and all), there could still be laws or new laws could be introduced, there could be so many changes.... It's seems very far- fetched, I know. Someday, I hope things change. I hope people change. I hope people have hearts made out of gold.