Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson “Sometimes I think that maybe we are just stories. Like we may as well just be words on a page, because we're only what we've done and what we are going to do.” What can I say about this book? I am staring at my laptop screen thinking of how to put the various jumbled thoughts of mine into comprehensible words. Let me first tell you how I felt after reading Tiger Lily.1) I wanted to go to Neverland.2) I wanted to cuddle and treasure Tinker Bell.3) I wanted to scream and cry and laugh at the same time.4) I wanted to read this book again and again. Tiger Lily was a beautiful novel. I loved every bit of it. I have always loved Peter Pan and Tinker Bell and I was overjoyed when two of my favorite characters showed up in this book. And I was ecstatic when I realized that Tinker Bell was the narrator! I don't know why I picked this book of all books. I don't know what made me pick it. Maybe it was because of the synopsis or the pretty cover but there are hundreds of pretty covers and intriguing synopsis in Goodreads. I don't remember how I came across this book. I don't remember a thing except that I'm grateful to whatever force that pushed me towards this book. I'm glad I picked this book. Tiger Lily is a fifteen year old girl from a tribe called Sky Eaters who is one of the most intriguing characters I've ever come across. She's silent and strong almost like a panther, wary around her own tribe, never truly belonged in her tribe. Her tribe had shunned her, forced her to marry Giant, a brute who is despised by almost everyone in her tribe and yet she was strong. She was strong till the very end. And hopeful.When she met Peter Pan things changed. Their love wasn't sappy or typical. It wasn't like how in most stories, the girl sees the boy and falls in love immediately. No. For Tiger Lily it was different in a brighter and darker way. Love does not always come with happiness. It also comes with hurt, betrayal and other dark emotions that might change a person forever. And it changed her.One of the reasons, I loved Tinker Bell's point of view was that it shredded light not only on Tiger Lily and her emotions but on all the other characters. With Tink being the narrator, we can delve deeper into the enigmatic characters like Pan and Hook. It also added a lot of originality to this book.One the whole, Tiger Lily is much more than what I had expected. It was deep and thoughtful. It was mesmerizing and fun. It was magical.