Outcast - Adrienne Kress Simple, nice, plain and a bit cliche First, I must say that the synopsis might sound a little bit like Angelfall by Susan Ee and I assure you that this book is nothing like Angelfall which is a very fast paced novel.Outcast is a slow paced novel with a not - so - captivating story line. I didn't find the story line or the characters interesting. The whole thing felt flat to me. They were okay. But they could have been better. More lively.I was just completely disappointed :( I expected so much! Maybe I should stop expecting much from books and just go in with neutral feelings.Riley's world is completely different. In her world, angels come every year and take someone with them. You never see them coming but you always see them leaving with a human. Then she shoots an angel in her back yard. But the angel's not dead. In fact, it doesn't look like an angel at all. It looks like a human. A hot naked human. And poor Riley has no idea what to do. And the hot naked human thinks it's 1956.Except for the 1956 part, I found the rest of the plot very trite.Gabe was amusing. Of course he is. Because he's naked and hot. I liked Gabe. He brought humor and a little bit of fun to the book. Riley was nice too but sometimes her narration made me a little sleepy eyed. There were many interesting events in this book but it was nothing that made me gasp or jump up and down. It just flowed like a smooth river, the story I mean with no impediments. A calm river. I think if it had a little bit of an obstacle here and there in the story line like something scary or in plain words - anything intriguing, I might have given this book five stars. But I liked the plot nonetheless. It was simple. Nothing heavy to read about. It was a good read . I'm a little disappointed because I had very high expectations of this book. Mainly due to its awesome cover :)