Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1) - A&E Kirk 4.5 stars Three things you will absolutely love in this book:1) It is completely hilarious2) It is completely action - packed and3) It is completely awesome! The one thing I love about books is that it has the ability to think and make you laugh. This book made me laugh so hard that sometimes I'd keep reading the same joke again and again just to continue my laughter. Aurora Lahey proved to be an excellent female lead whom I loved very much. Things you might love about Aurora1) She's courageous2) She's Hilarious and3) She's bloody awesome! She also has this indomitable Lahey spirit. What more can a reader want from the main female lead? And the description of Aurora's red hair reminded me of Merida from Brave.One thing you really need to look forward to in this book: The Hex Boys! Lovely characters, captivating plot and mind - blowing battles with demons! These are the things I loved very much in this book.On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! A very engaging book you wouldn't want to miss!