The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna Utterly beautiful The Lost Girl. Yes, she's lost. Lost in a cruel world where she has to fight for survival.She's broken too.She so badly wants to be a human. Her feelings are almost palpable. It's coming at strong waves toward me. It's exhilarating. My heart stutters here and then. I paused the book and closed my eyes and for a minute, feeling grateful that I'm not in a dreadful situation like her. Feeling grateful that all these characters are a work of pure fiction. No matter how much we wish we had vampires running around, sweeping us off our feet, they are still blood sucking monsters. Anyways, this book is not about vampires and I don't think I'm making much sense.The Lost Girl is about an Echo named Eva. An echo who desires to live like humans do. Echoes are exact copies of human beings and not everyone has an echo. Only certain people who ask for another copy to be made of their loved ones. Everyday, Eva learns about her other, Amarra. And everyday she wants to be free of all this. One day, there might come a time when her other dies and she has to step in. Eva's waiting and dreading for that day.In her world, there are only rules. I hate abiding by rules. I honestly don't know why. But I do. Because I have to. And she does too, because her life is at stake. “If you expect the worse, you're only denying someone a chance to be better” There are so many confusions, so many goodbyes, so many yearnings that I really feel sorry for her. She's truly lost and I so badly want to help her. Sometimes, while I'm reading I want to reach into the pages, get myself really inside the book and save her. And overall, when I look back at the story, it isn't one comprising of complications like I had thought earlier. It's a rather simple one. The beautiful narration has made it more. It has made the simple story into a more meaningful one.I loved this book. It explored the various concepts of being human. Of love and goodbyes. Of hope and friendship. I think a human's greatest power is hope. We always hope, you know? For example: myself. How I am hoping for another amazing book like the Lost Girl. We always do hope in the darkest times, don't we? :D Here's a small message for Eva, our beautiful Echo: You are human. You are more human than any of us. I hope you have a life filled with pixie dust and happiness :)