Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) - Cassandra Clare There are things no magic can destroy, for they are magic in themselves. I am stunned, I am stupefied and I am speechless.I was not expecting anything from this book and yet why do I feel so surprised and shocked? I did not think, even for a minute that this book would twist my heart strings like this. Oh, how I was fooled!This is the finale. The end for the Infernal Devices. Jem Carstairs,Will Herondale and Tessa Gray are coming to an end. When I say that, that this series is over I cannot believe it. How can it come to an end? It's so fresh and vivid in my memory! Yet sadly, it came to an end. I would have loved to read more about these three characters but like I mentioned in one of my previous reviews, 'all good things come to an end'. I will miss them. Jem, Tessa and Will. These are the only characters that stuck to my mind for so long especially Will. I cannot push them away. These three characters made me laugh, smile, gasp and now cry bitterly since it's all over! "When you are reading a book, and you know that it is going to be a tragedy: you can feel the cold and darkness coming, see the net drawing close around the characters who live and breathe on the pages. But you are tied to the story as if being dragged behind a carriage, and you cannot let go or turn the course aside." Well said, Clare!I did not like it. I did not like the way she ended the book. No, this wasn't how it's supposed to end, that's what I kept thinking over and over.At times, we readers must face the bleak truth that when an author ends a book we should accept however it ends. Sometimes the endings are happy, sometimes sad and tragic and sometimes you have this feeling that you don't know what to do after reading it and that is how I felt. The conclusion was happy and sad when you ponder on how Clare had ended it. I simply cannot conclude how I felt after reading it.But now I realize that it was a perfect ending, an honest ending which I did not like. Why? Because it was not fair for Will and Jem. Nothing is ever fair in this world, is it? Everything was lovely in this book. Every page blew me away and I must salute Clare for her mastery in deceptiveness. She is truly an incredible author and I will not lessen my rating because I did not like the conclusion. It was a perfect ending and many of us did not like it because we hoped differently. But to be honest, the ending was inexplicably perfect. Goodbye Will, Jem and Tessa. I will miss you all!