Onyx (A Lux Novel)

Onyx  - Jennifer L. Armentrout After reading this book, certain things have changed.The Lux series has become my favorite series ❤Daemon Black has become my favorite YA male character ❤And Jennifer L. Armentrout has become my favorite author ❤This book is amazing. It was action - filled, fast paced and filled with hot, sizzling and steamy romance. I mean, what more can you want from a sequel? Obsidian was awesome but I found Onyx much better than Obsidian. And believe me, this book does not disappoint.I couldn't put the book down and even if I managed to do that, all I kept thinking was about these kickass characters! I managed to read this book in one sitting. Jennifer L. Armentrout - you are my new favorite author. You made Onyx - the second part - the best second part ever. Normally, sequels tend to get boring as the characters get repetitive but here, all the characters were scintillating as ever. In fact, they seemed to have improved in entertaining ways. Now, be ready to be bombarded with Daemon and Katy ❤ “Say it.”“Say what?”“Tell me what you told me earlier.”“I love you.”“That’s all I ever need to hear.”“Those three words?”“Always those three words.” I don't quite understand how Jennifer's book Onyx has left me begging for more. I don't quite understand how I fell in love with her writing skills and the characters. And I don't think I need to. Some things are best left as mysteries. According to me, Onyx met all of my high expectations. I loved Katy for being strong, ebullient and resilient. Daemon Black - that very name explains it all; he couldn't be any better. The story line was very twisty and complicated - which I'm sure readers would enjoy. Everything seemed to have improved in this book. Overall, Onyx was mind - blowing and addictive!