Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily, #1)

Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily, #1) - Karen Amanda Hooper "When it's dark enough, you can see the stars." What I felt after I read this book:1)Wow!2)I love this book! 3)This book took my breath away!4)I will love it forever. Conclusion: It's so beautiful. I would give this book an infinite amount of stars. I would give it all the stars in the universe. "If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end." I was squealing with delight till the very end of this book. This story was completely different from all the other books I read. "That's what stories are for - to learn something." Every chapter spun a web of intricacy, intensity and love. I got sucked into this book and I realized while reading it that I was drowning in this sweet world where the words from this book were my oxygen. This book was amazing in every way. It had everything that would grasp its readers till the very end. Every character in this book was a symphony and all their symphonies combined made this book a lovely, beautiful song.I knew this book was something. The very first line whispered in my ear that I would love this book irrespective of how it proceeds. And yes, I did love it. Grasping at Eternity grasped me till the very end. "The stars are waiting for you."