Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1)

Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski Very important: Load Your Guns Done? Good. Because you'll definitely need them for this awesome, mind blowing book. (Make sure to have extra bullets.)To be honest, I like books and movies with a little bit of gun - action in them. It's something I've inherited from my dad who absolutely loves a movie with gun - action, especially the James Bond films. So, I was really excited reading a book that was completely action - filled from the very beginning. I was awed by the story line and the characters.Killing Sarai was a completely captivating novel about a girl called Sarai. Now, Sarai was normal like you and me before she was given away to a Mexican drug lord named Javier by her own mother. Yes, life is never fair. This Mexican drug lord also likes her not in the oh - so - cute and sweet way but the oh - so - disgusting way. She hated her life with him. She wanted freedom. And she got it. Or so she thought. That's when kickass Mr. Victor enters the story. The rest of the story proceeds with conflicting emotions from Sarai and the American named Victor. They both know one day, Victor will have to kill Sarai but what they don't know is how they are very similar in nature. Sarai isn't one of my favorite characters. She is different and somehow I felt she was kind of emotionless. But that's what happens to one who has been living her whole life where murders and rapes often happen like one might go to drink water.But she's strong and determined. She has the will to escape and these qualities are what attracted Victor into helping her. They both are very intriguing and enigmatic characters. On the whole, I had so much fun reading this book! Like I mentioned earlier, it was different. And I liked it. And boy, the ending is terrible. But you should read this book. You wouldn't want to miss it. Oh, and don't forget about the guns ;)