The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer I didn't know why I bought this book. I bought this book three years ago. And I managed to somehow skim the book in these three years. I tried plenty of times to like this book. Alas, it is not my cup of tea.My first ever science fiction book. I never knew it would end like this.The reason why I gave this book two stars instead of one:* It had a great concept!Why I didn't like this book:* Execution of the concept really sucks. It's slow. Very very slow. I took at least half an hour to read the prologue and the first chapter. I gave up thrice and started again for the fourth time and managed to read around 200 pages before I started skimming the chapters till the very end. I hated the love triangle concept. Honestly, I hated the whole romance in this book.This book is about aliens and humans living together. Or aliens living inside a human. These aliens are peace - lovers and yet they choose to inhabit human beings knowing very well some might rebel. Okay, there're many rebels. So, yeah, they rebel and hide and try to survive without getting caught and those aliens send seekers to fetch these rebels. And it goes on and on at snail pace. This is what I gleaned from this book. And there's this really cliched love triangle. So somewhere midway, I watched the movie and it seemed okay but dozing off during certain parts was inevitable. I still want to like this book. But I cannot read it again. No way will I ever finish the prologue before breaking into tears. Maybe science fiction is not my thing. I really don't know because I'm not planning to delve into another science fiction book any time soon!